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February 2020

Trudie Timlin Brown

The T5 Art Gallery is pleased to welcome back Trudie Timlin Brown who first showed with the Gallery in 2012.

Trudie's unique approach involves hand dying and hand weaving abstract images that contain words and text and reference poems and writings by the likes of Tennyson, Carol Ann Duffy and Bruce Chatwin.

Her works are visually rich containing many subtle details, inviting the viewer to spend time exploring and absorbing them.

January 2020

Happy New Year

2020 marks a milestone of ten years in business for the Gallery.

Throughout this time we have endeavored to support both established and emerging artists, build long lasting relationships with private and corporate clients and establish the Gallery as a space for high quality unique artworks. 2020 promises an exciting year for the Gallery and we look forward to sharing new developments with all.

December 2019

Seasons Greetings

The T5 Art Gallery would like to wish everybody a relaxing festive break and a happy and prosperous New Year.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing new artworks from our talented group of artists, hosting exciting events and continuing to build on past success in 2020.

November 2019

Danni Bradford T5 Sofitel Exhibition

The T5 Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Danni Bradford in collaboration with the T5 Sofitel Hotel.​

Danni will be showing 11 artworks all of which employ the classical French technique of Verre Eglomise.

Danni will be present and happy to discuss her unique artworks in person. The event will take place on November 14th from 18:00 till 20:30 at the Sofitel 'Le Bar Parisien'.

October 2019

Danni Bradford film

A new film showcasing T5 Gallery artist Danni Bradford has now been released.

The film delves into Danni's technique of Verre-eglomise, detailing the painstaking and unique process that goes into creating each of her artworks.

Danni's film is part of 'The Maker Series', a series of short films by local Devon filmmakers showcasing traditional techniques and modern skills within art & design.

September 2019

Richard Thornton at Sofitel T5

The T5 Art Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting five sculptures by Richard Thornton at the Sofitel T5 Hotel.

The T5 Art Gallery has been collaborating with the Sofitel T5 since 2012 on a series of exhibitions designed to enhance the guest experience and allow further exposure for Gallery artists.

This latest display showcases Richard's monumental 'No.206 Ascent' along with four smaller works in stainless steel and aluminium.

All the artworks are located in the Sofitel main lobby and available to purchase with further details available on request.

August 2019

Autumn exhibition and new artist

The T5 Art Gallery is now showing new works for the Autumn including the debut of Polish photographer Marek Emczek Olszewski.

Marek creates expansive intriguing works with an intense originality.

"From sharp, colourful geometric shots to soft and calming landscapes.



From intensely minimalist to intensely complex.

Looking for beauty and poetry in the mundane."

Several works by Marek are now available from the Gallery with further details available on request.

July 2019

Jo Vane new sculpture

The T5 Art Gallery is pleased to present a new sculpture by Jo Vane.

'Convergence' ​is Jo's largest work to date standing at 2.4 metres tall.

The sculpture is bronze with a complex outer patina evoking a weathered form which contrasts the rich gold inner patina.


" 'Convergence' is representative of two souls' growth and paths meeting and converging as one, reflecting, embracing and protecting each other against the outer elements."

The sculpture is now showing at the Gallery with further works by Jo on view at the Sofitel hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5.

June 2019

Jill Berelowitz and BA First Wing

As part of the ongoing collaboration with British Airways First Wing, the T5 Art Gallery is pleased to be displaying the sculpture 'Moving Forward' by Jill Berelowitz.

The figures in white bronze act as a stand out feature in the exclusive BA check in area, offering passengers a moment of reflection before their journey.

The T5 Gallery will show further works over the coming months.

May 2019

New work by Nikki Taylor

The T5 Art Gallery is very pleased to be showing a new series of elegant steel mesh reliefs by Nikki Taylor.

These sculptures depict the lines and contours of the female form in superb detail, showcasing Nikki's mastery of her medium and fascination with the body.

April 2019

New work by William Rochfort

The T5 Art Gallery is pleased to be displaying a new painting by William Rochfort entitled 'The Chase'.

This painting continues Will's interest in paparazzi and what exists outside of the frame, leading the viewing to advance the narrative (begun by Will) and come to their own conclusions.

The artwork will be on show and available to purchase from April.

March 2019

BA First Wing Sculpture

T5 Art Gallery artist Andy Baerselman is now displaying his 'Red Eagle' in the BA First Wing check-in area.

This installation forms part of the newly developed art programme with British Airways and their recently upgraded First Wing check-in and lounges.

Further details can be found on the Gallery 'Project' page Here

February 2019

New work and video by Zil Hoque

From February the T5 Art Gallery is pleased to be displaying new works by painter Zil Hoque.

Zil continues to explore two of his main subjects, horses and bulls, in exquisite detail.

The Gallery is also hosting an in depth studio interview with Zil on the Gallery Vimeo page, accessible via the 'Media' page and the following Link.

January 2019

'Oliver Hellowell One Show appearance'

Photographer Oliver Hellowell appeared on the January 24th edition of 'The One Show' on BBC.

Following his exhibition at the T5 Art Gallery in July 2018, Oliver was interviewed by hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker.

The interview plus a short film made about the exhibition is now available to view on the Media section of this website.

January 2019

'Moodie Davitt Report'

The T5 Art Gallery is pleased to be featured in the Moodie Davitt Report for their 'Airports as Artports' publication "which explores what surely rank as the world's most international art galleries."

The full feature can be viewed Here and a further feature on the Galleries recent success at the Corporate Art Awards® can be viewed Here.

December 2018

T5 Gallery Heathrow receives 'Special Mention' at Corporate Art Awards

The T5 Art Gallery Heathrow has been honoured with a Special Mention at the prestigious Corporate Art Awards® 2018:

"For the promotion of art to a wide international audience of travellers".

Furthermore: "The T5 Gallery experience has been considered as a unique example of best practice which should be promoted around the world in that other major international airports would follow this path." 

A full text about the award can be viewed Here

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