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Anne Curry

Reflections in nature

January 15th - March 17th 2024

AC - Flight of Keys - Sycamore 1 .jpg

As a sculptor Anne Curry is able interpret the complex layered language of the natural world and the immensity of its offerings, transforming seed and bud into monumental sculptural forms that, despite their scale, reflect and celebrate the intrinsic beauty of the minutiae.


There is rhythm at the heart of each sculpture traced in undulating lines and layers that fold and wrap, revealing points of exquisite subtle complexity with each new angle.

Anne’s sculptures are representational yet also share the qualities of abstraction, they are modern with bold sweeping lines yet classic in their restrained patinas. This coming together of styles is a unique language unto itself, one that speaks of a desire to create with a sense of freedom and intuition allowing for the sculpture to define itself and guide the hand of the artist.


From the bulbous blooming form of a Magnolia Grandiflora bud to the curiosity of a knotted acacia seed pod to a triplet of graceful sycamore keys, each sculpture invites a certain immersion that arises through a captivating interplay of sweeping form and the experience of having perhaps seen or held their delicate counterparts ourselves.

Far from static solid renderings of natural forms and phenomena, these sculptures possess a lightness of touch and movement that seems to render them weightless, as if they have drifted past on the wind and settled at our feet.


Anne Curry’s works are an ode to nature and the complex yet startlingly simple elegance that defines the flora which abounds around us.

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