2022 Artist Talk Series - Daniel Pérez


The High Performance Art Gallery is pleased to debut our new Artist Talk series for 2022. Beginning with sculptor and new Gallery artist Daniel Pérez.

Each interview seeks to present an in depth look into each artists practice, their influences and ways of working.

The series will continue throughout 2022 and involve talks as well as studio tours.

A Portrait of Jacob Cartwright - 2021


A new short film of High Performance Art Gallery artist Jacob Cartwright filmed at his studio in Pietrasanta, Italy by Hugo Cavalier.

Jacob speaks of the 'flow state', a state of connection with marble, that he seeks when creating his sculptures.

Sollai Cartwright - 2021


A film showcasing the marble carving and finishing skills of new High Performance Art Gallery artist Sollai Cartwright at his studio in Berlin

A Portrait of Michael-Francis Cartwright - 2021


A new short film showcasing High Performance Art Gallery artist Michael-Francis Cartwright created by Hugo Cavalier.

We see Michael at work in his Provence-based studio creating new artworks and discussing the ideas and notions that inform his practice.


A monumental sculpture, 'Moon Dance', is also featured, a gift from the artist to the people of Provence.

A Portrait of Shona Nunan - 2021


A new short film showcasing High Performance Art Gallery artist Shona Nunan created by Hugo Cavalier.

Shona works on plaster castings of her sculptures at her Provence-based studio. She explains the connection she holds with her sculptures and the act of sculpting itself.


Her sculptures range in scale from the intimate to the monumental, all the while retaining the mark of the artists hand.

Danni Bradford film - 2019


A new film showcasing High Performance Art Gallery artist Danni Bradford has now been released.

The film delves into Danni's technique of Verre-eglomise, detailing the painstaking and unique process that goes into creating each of her artworks.

Danni's film is part of 'The Maker Series', a series of short films by local Devon filmmakers showcasing traditional techniques and modern skills within art & design.

Zil Hoque interview - 2019


An interview with painter Zil Hoque.

We see Zil at work in his studio, sculpting paint into masterful studies of the animal form. Zil provides an insight into his inspirations, what drives him forward and what he strives to achieve.

"Motion and light. The most paramount things in the whole world, always thinking about them when painting."

Michael Turner Stainless Steel Sculpture - 2018


The making of Michael Turner's latest, and one of his most ambitious, sculptures the 'Velociraptor'.

Michael talks about the process behind the creation of his works, his approach to his subjects and inspiration. An up-close, dramatic and engaging perspective of an artist continually pushing the boundaries of creation and imagination.

'The Aureus' by Lux Surfboards - 2017


The Aureus is the world's first 24 karat gilt gold surfboard. Hand-built to the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship by U.K shaper Ellie Miller and Gilding Artist Danni Bradford.


Lavishly hand gilded in 24 Karat gold leaf, and inspired by the single fin surfboards of the 1970's - It is finished in typical styling of the era with a triple

24 Kt gold leaf elliptical pinline design, 24 Kt gold gilded fiberglass fin, and 24 Kt gold gilded LUX icon.

'Alpha' by Andy Baerselman - 2017


The making of 'Alpha', a sculpture commission of a life-sized leaping wolf, by Andy Baerselman.

Andy explains the process behind 'Alpha' and his inspirations and passion for working with wood.

High Performance Art Gallery Manager Alex Prior provides insight on the client - gallery - artist relationship and how 'Alpha' represents the values of the company that commissioned it.

Jill Berelowitz Timepieces - 2015


Dynamic crystal clear resin sculptures by Jill Berelowitz, playing with the ideas of light, motion and time.

Michael Speller 'Balance' - 2014


An interview with figurative sculptor Michael Speller providing an insight into his working process.

Nikki Taylor Olympic Sculptures - 2012


Nikki Taylor created a series of life size wire mesh Olympic Athletes for the London 2012 Olympics.