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Artist Group Show 2021


Online Exhibition: November 1st - December 31st 2021

As the year draws to a close The High Performance Art Gallery is rounding off 2021 with a celebration of the superb artists that we represent along with a preview of work from two new artists debuting with the Gallery in 2022.

This group show brings together artists working across varied mediums, subjects, scales and interpretations of form. The thread that connects each artwork is the universal notion of 'Gestures'.

A gesture can be explicit or subtle, expansive or modest, direct or layered in complexities, permanent or fleeting.

Artists by their very nature are able to produce a gesture with a simple brush stroke or through a monumental creation in bronze or marble. What they convey is not just emotion, expression and reflection of the self, but a question to the viewer with no right or wrong answer.

"What do you see? What do you feel? What memories does this gesture evoke?"

From the organic intricately crafted scorched steel sculptures of Jang Yongsun to the fragmented faces of Daniel Pérez to Nikki Taylor's diaphanous human and animal forms. Each artist employs a unique set of skills and intuitive feel to convey their own form of Gesture.

This exhibition features work from the following artists: Jang Yongsun, Daniel Perez, Nikki Taylor, Danni Bradford, Michael Speller, Michael-Francis Cartwright, Richard Thornton, Zil Hoque, Shona Nunan, Nix, Jacob Cartwright, Jill Berelowitz, Jo Vane, Lorne McKean, Angela Palmer and Sollai Cartwright.

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