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Danni Bradford

Vérre - églomisé

Online Exhibition: July 5th - August 2nd 2021

"I aspire to bring the wonderment, spirit and joy of nature into our interior spaces, encouraging us to pause, reflect and reconnect with the beauty of the living world around us.

When I first began gilding I started an extraordinary journey of discovery - one that thrills and excites me, and compels me to push my own boundaries as an Artist. I love the challenge of working in reverse and the complexity of working on glass.... Some of the processes I use to achieve my finishes are age old techniques, and many are born from continuous experimentation in the studio. By combining my background as an illustrator with Verre - eglomise I have created my own distinctive style..."

Danni Bradford practices the centuries old artistic technique of Vérre – églomisé - the gilding of glass using multiple layering of precious metal leaf such as 24kt gold and copper, pigments, inks and Mica dusts - and is not only one of the few artists in the UK and beyond to use this technique, but surely the only one to work with the medium in such an expressive and modern way. Her works are technically brilliant and suffused with a magnetic sense of energy as if her subjects are about to burst forth from the glass.


Shoals of fish, referencing her coastal locale, are a signature of Danni’s artwork yet she is able to take her hand to seemingly any subject from Tiger’s to birds of paradise and butterflies and elevate each in often unexpected and beautiful ways. Her ongoing series of Moon’s allow Danni to explore abstraction and dense layering to mesmerising effect. Presented on circular glass they draw the viewer in and hold the gaze with their intense tonal shifts and highlights of gold and silver leaf.


Danni graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design (K.I.A.D) in 1998 with a BA Hons degree in fine art and illustration. She is recent finalist for ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’, 2020 for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and is currently exhibiting at the RHS Garden Rosemoor. Danni has exhibited across the UK and has her artworks in private collections in the UK, Europe and USA.

The Maker Series - No.6 Danni Bradford

By Jess Pearson

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