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Danni Bradford

Danni takes an innovative and modern approach to the Classical art of Verre Eglomise-the gilding of glass using multiple layering of precious metal leaf such as 24kt gold and copper, pigments, inks and Mica dusts.


Danni graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design (K.I.A.D) in 1998 with a BA Hons degree in fine art and illustration. Whilst working as head artist and surface designer for an international interiors company. Danni discovered a passion for gilding and began to experiment and manipulate the traditional techniques to create new and exciting reflective textures. By combing these with her background in illustration and her love of the natural world she has created her own totally unique style.


“I love the challenge and the complexity of working on glass. When I first began gilding I started an extraordinary journey of discovery- one that thrills and excites me and compels me to push my own boundaries as an artist.”

T5 Gallery

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