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Daniel Pérez

Somni (sleep)

Online Exhibition: January 7th - February 4th 2022

Daniel Pérez was born and raised in the Canary Islands, Spain and started his artistic education in 2003. After four years of learning different sculpting technics and working with a variety of materials, he felt the need to develop his artistic knowledge. In 2007 he started the Fine Arts Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and continued with an MFA in Contemporary Sculpture.

'Somni' from the Valencian language, meaning to sleep or to dream.

To sleep, but also to dream not as a whole but in fragments floating and dispersed but bound by memory, tethered through a shared experience. 

Daniel's artworks are fragmented, glimpses of a whole, yet in fact more revealing for their partial nature than if revealed in their entirety. What is left unseen and unsaid lends more power to that which we can see. These are works, often monumental in size, that convey the subtleties of emotion, the complexities of the human condition and project a presence that is commanding yet not overwhelming. They appear in the landscape like flickers of memory and fleeting glances of a passing face carrying expressions of universal familiarity.

During the past fifteen years of his artistic career, Daniel has received several awards recognising his works and participated at various international sculpture symposiums, creating monumental pieces around the world. These artworks can be seen in more than 15 different countries. Fragments of human faces, created in great scale, different shapes and materials, challenge the viewer to use personal beliefs, memories and background to interpret and fill in empty spaces.

"Daniel Perez's artworks represent fragments of human faces, in synthetical forms which can be recognized by the public, thanks to the ability to associate with shapes already seen and known before.

Perception of something familiar, brings back memories and leaves a field for personal interpretation. Sculptures in which the viewer is an essential part of creating their meaning. The experience is even more intense when the exhibited pieces are created with monumental sizes.

The author's intention is to raise awareness of chosen material; its duality combining worked out, smooth lines and the roughness of the sculpting process. Uniting these two properties aims to underline an equal meaning of the concept and used materials." - Daniel Pérez

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