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2015 Exhibitions

Autumn/Winter 2015 Exhibition

From September the gallery is showing new sculptures in steel by Michael Turner and new works by Michael Speller previously debuted at this years Chelsea Flower Show.


Will Rochfort is showing a new work exploring the drive in theaters of the late 50's and early 60's.


“This new painting came about from my love of cinema. I wanted to do a scene at a drive-in and originally the painting was going to show the screen and even the film but, after my research I realised that when people went to the drive in, the movie was the last thing on anyone's mind. It was a social event and so I decided to make the people the focus, which suited me just fine. 


I was leant the two beautiful Chevrolets for the painting and used more subtle details to indicate the setting, the speakers and the popcorn for example. 


It's early on a summers evening, and everyone has met 'before the movie'.”



Sculptor Michael Turner presents two new works both rooted in the avian world, but both very different in their appearance and impact.

The Falcon is striking, captured in mid-flight sweeping upward poised on a highly accentuated curved base.

The Peacock sits proud on its elevated pyramid base, with its thick elegant plumage trailing down.

Summer 2015 Exhibition

From June the gallery will present new works by sculptor Michael Turner, 'Cherish' by Marie Boyle and a new painting by Will Rochfort among others.


Will Rochfort presents a new painting, his largest and most ambitious to date.

'Rien Ne Va Plus' (No more bets - in French) is a fascinating character study, full of small details and an overarching sense of subtle tension

"The inspiration for this painting came from the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film ‘To Catch a Thief’, in which there is a short scene set in a casino, which was set up so nicely that I wanted to try and re-create it for a large painting."

(Will Rochfort, 2015)


Sculptor Michael Turner continues to work his chosen medium of recycled stainless steel into striking pieces from across the animal kingdom. Michael's Great White Shark is a fascinating study of one of nature's most feared creatures. The body is elevated to near eye level, heightening the sense of menace but also perfectly displaying the subtle undulating movement.

Spring Exhibition 2015

From March the gallery will present new works by sculptors Michael Turner and Michael Speller along with new paintings by Faye Nasser-Joley. The gallery will also be introducing works by sculptor Paul Vanstone, showing with the T5 Gallery for the first time.


Paul Vanstone is an established sculptor working with marbles, onyxes and alabasters sourced from around the world.

The forms he creates are modern yet classical, striking in their size and ambition yet full of subtle details. The choice of medium and the diversity of the regions in which it is sourced from imbues the work with a fascinating depth.


Faye Nasser-Joley presents two striking new works further developing her passion for the equine world.

'Acquilo' depicts a horse rising from a shroud magnificent in stature, while in 'Sienna' an almost luminous horse rears up defiantly, contrasting starkly with a jet black background.


Sculptor Michael Turner has worked his signature medium of steel in to a compact, yet powerful impression of a bull poised as if to charge. The angular base works impressively to mimic and accentuate the posture and muscular form of the animal.

As an artist Michael continues to push the boundaries of his chosen medium, producing highly refined and striking results.

New Year Exhibition 2015

During January, February and March the gallery will be showcasing new works by sculptors Michael Turner, Jill Berelowitz and Lorne McKean, along with new paintings by Will Rochfort


For the New Year sculptor Andy Baerselman has created a striking Jaguar from resin coated Poplar wood. The piece projects a raw sense of power, speed and poise. It also presents strong contrasts between the industrial nature of the base and the refined finish of the cat.


Will Rochfort presents a number of new works exploring varying subject matter, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

'Winter Preview' and 'Destinations' present scenes of quiet determination, capturing those individuals behind the scenes or out of shot who carry out the banal but necessary tasks from day to day.

In sharp contrast, 'Paps' depicts a scintillating moment infused in equal parts with glamour and mystery.


Michael Turner makes a return to the subject matter first explored in his inaugural showing at the T5 Gallery.

The bald Eagle and birds of prey in general are a subject that lend themselves perfectly to Michael's material of choice, stainless steel. Birds of prey such as the bald Eagle are also known as raptors and are characterised by their keen vision and power.

The prominence of Michael's sculpture is intensified by the fully extended wings which provoke both a sense of awe and menace.


Lorne McKean presents two new works, 'The Racehorse' and 'Horse and Jockey'.

Both works display Lorne's unrivalled understanding of the equine form, and the attention to detail that she applies to every bronze that she produces.

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