Winter 2015/2016 Exhibition

From December the gallery will be displaying new works by Zil Hoque, Michael Turner and Will Rochfort.


Below Zil Hoque talks about about ‘Light Chargers’ and ‘Nightmares’.


“The two complimentary paintings are composed diametrically oppositely but dealing with the different qualities of light as an expressive means. The horse is depicted in two different contrasting environments and luminescence.

Light Chargers is a group of Arab mares with foals running in a passive abstracted exterior. The light is heightened to a point where it dissolves the mares leaving only the essence of their form.”


“Nightmares is a group of Arab stallions rearing in an abstracted interior. The light is artificial/nocturnal and directional contrasting geometrically with muscular curvatures of the horses.

Although not a direct reference, both paintings describe extreme points of ideals. Heaven/hell, male/female, exterior/interior, passive/excited and night/day.”

– Zil Hoque.