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Trudie Timlin Brown

White Silence 1,2 & 3

White Silence 1,2 & 3

Hand woven and hand dyed silk triptych (framed) Height - 110.5cms each Width - 32cms each

White Silence 1

White Silence 1

White Silence 2

White Silence 2

White Silence 3

White Silence 3

Weave is a process of crossing threads. For Trudie, it can involve making connections, crossing over and pulling together threads of ideas, and giving them substance and materiality. She hand-dyes her own yarn and loom weaves in silk, embedding both colour and ideas within her canvas. Initially working in a sketchbook, Trudie develops a resource of visual references, colour, notes, thoughts and information, which are then abstracted and translated onto the loom. The rhythmical process of weaving continues to provide a creative space for her ideas to develop, and feed back into her work.

Trudie is interested in words and text, not only for meaning but also visually, aurally and as objects with shape and solidity. Whilst the textual presence in her work is sometimes merely hinted at or implied, in other works she carves out words, building up the letters and embedding them within her weave. Poetry & writing often provides a starting point for the colour and ideas in Trudie's work. Tennyson, Carol Ann Duffy, Bruce Chatwin, Robert MacFarlane and Louis MacNeice are some of the writers who have influenced recent work.

White Silence by PJ Smith


White silence




a silk thread 

      a feather

        a stone


 a quiet line

       a splash of blue

black paper torn


            a written word


 inner soul



a gift to the universe

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