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Tre Luci Studios Group Show 2022

Artists of the Tre Luci Studios - Pietrasanta

October 31st - January 8th 2023

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Tre Luci studios founded in 2021 and located in the Italian city of Pietrasanta is a harmonious space for the creation of art. Currently occupied by six artists, five of whom form the basis for this show, the studios function not only as work spaces for each artist but as a single connected space whereby ideas and knowledge can be shared.

While each artist carries unique sensibilities within their respective practices, there is a common thread that runs between them all. This unspoken notion is that of the importance of the artists' hand and connection with the mediums that they employ. There is a channelling of not only years of experience but intuition, an intuition that allows the feel, the potential and the scope of the material to guide them. A sculpture may create or find its own direction with the artist subconsciously shaping the path that it takes.

Jacob Cartwright creates forms in marble that that straddle a line between abstraction and loose figuration, never quite settling on one or the other. His works are meditative in tone and feel seeming to pulse in time with natures delicate rhythms. There is a lightness of touch that resonates through his creations with each piece achieving the finest of balances.

Isabella Nurigiani practices a form of sculptural abstraction that, whether consciously or otherwise, seems to reference and echo currents of air, the trace of a dancers' movement, the grain of an ancient tree, the ebb and flow of the tides and the play of light as it sweeps and folds across a bare wall. Her sculptures in marble, iron, bronze and stone are playful and captivating, seeming to gently undulate before our eyes.

Daniel Park creates work in the figurative tradition but with a modern sensibility that references a certain zen-like aura and an intriguing use of symbolism. His figures appear hewn from smooth blocks of stone or granite emerging organically and flowing upward. Their patination subtle yet possessing a richness and depth that evokes great time worn monuments and statues of the past.

Sandro Del Pistoia trained as both a sculptor and an architect and his work reflects this meeting of playfulness and rigor. His work effortlessly flows between, and occasionally combines, a wide range of mediums with each one further advancing a curiosity and desire to explore the very nature of form and its translation into sculpture.

Flavia Robalo imprints memory and intimate lived experiences onto wood. Her hand carved sculptures are vessels that both project and invite introspection, asking us to pause and sense the altering states of urgency and calm that vibrate from them. Her work exudes an inner strength belied by their delicate appearance, seemingly in a state of transience ready at any moment to take on a new life.

Artworks exhibited by the following artists:


Jacob Cartwright     Isabella Nurigiani     Daniel Park

Sandro Del Pistoia   |   Flavia Robalo

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