Summer 2015 Exhibition

From June the gallery will present new works by sculptor Michael Turner, 'Cherish' by Marie Boyle and a new painting by Will Rochfort among others.


Will Rochfort presents a new painting, his largest and most ambitious to date.

'Rien Ne Va Plus' (No more bets - in French) is a fascinating character study, full of small details and an overarching sense of subtle tension

"The inspiration for this painting came from the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film ‘To Catch a Thief’, in which there is a short scene set in a casino, which was set up so nicely that I wanted to try and re-create it for a large painting."

(Will Rochfort, 2015)


Sculptor Michael Turner continues to work his chosen medium of recycled stainless steel into striking pieces from across the animal kingdom. Michael's Great White Shark is a fascinating study of one of nature's most feared creatures. The body is elevated to near eye level, heightening the sense of menace but also perfectly displaying the subtle undulating movement.