Summer Exhibition 2014

June sees the introduction of artist A.A MacGregor showing with us for the first time.


Alex is an artist working across multiple disciplines: from painting to sculpture to installation and design. The work in question is a motorised steel mobile incorporating a contrasting finish of Dutch gold leaf and aluminium leaf. This contrast, along with the slow rotation, adds up to a visually arresting piece with a pureness of form that subtly influences the surrounding space.


Also on display will be four new paintings, and the accompanying charcoal on paper studies, from Zil Hoque.

Zil continues his exploration of the horse, with four monumental canvases, each depicting a rearing stallion at various points. This magnificent animal is shown at full height, hooves pointed upwards and its mane a burst of intense yellows and reds


Fresh from another successful showing at Chelsea Flower Show, Michael Speller presents two new works for the gallery. ‘Connect’ depicts three figures standing tall on a richly patinated bronze bridge, the work has both impact through its scale and the refined simplicity of form that makes Michael’s work so endearing. ‘Union’ explores familiar themes of companionship and trust, with two intertwining figures mounted atop a magnificent section of natural rock.


Drew Whitemore presents his first new piece with the gallery for 2014. Moving on from his previous wood constructed light box panels, Drew is now working with aluminium composite. This new choice of material has allowed him to become ever more ambitious with his compositions:


Michael Turner will be showing two new marine creatures, a Hammerhead shark and a Piranha. Both are fearsome predators, hunt in large schools and are distinctive in their appearances. The high level of detail that Michael has become known for is abundant in both works; from the careful overlap of the Hammerhead gills to the slightly concave area around the eyes of the Piranha.