Spring Exhibition 2018

From March the gallery will be displaying new works by William Rochfort, Jo Vane, Michael Turner, Nikki Taylor, Zil Hoque and Jeremy Houghton.

William Rochfort's latest large scale painting pays homage to the Apollo 11 launch:

"With all my paintings I try to avoid the obvious and it was no different with this piece. I have a great interest in the space race and in what an incredible achievement it was to put a man on the moon, especially at that time in history. So I knew I wanted to do a painting of it but I had no interest in painting the rocket itself.


After a few different attempts I settled on this version that focuses on the people watching the launch. I’ve painted a number of group scenes but I loved this one for it’s mix of men, women and children, and for the 1969 colours.


There are subtle hints throughout the picture that tell the story but it was mostly important to me that it puts you right in there with the crowd bearing witness this historic event."