Spring Exhibition 2017

From March the gallery will be displaying new works by Andy Baerselman, Michael Turner and Zil Hoque.

Zil Hoque will present two new paintings, with insight provided below by the artist:

'Lidians II'

"Most of the fighting bulls are bred from the area of Lidia in Spain. A pair of these are seen in their glory, running wild in a natural dramatic landscape soaked in a pre-storm, silver light.  The subtleties of this light is contrasted with the hard linear forms of the musculature of the bulls.

This painting is a homage to the power, beauty and majesty of the Spanish bull and is in no way an acceptance of bull fighting."


'Al khamsa'

"Based on an Islamic myth/history or legend of the original stock mares “Al Khamsa” the five horses that belonged to the prophet Mohammed.

It is said that after a long and arduous trail in the desert the herd, including the five, came across an oasis. The entire herd rushed to the watering hole but when Mohammed recalled them from their dash of thirst, only 5 mares obeyed and returned. These five are said to be the faithful and were honoured as stock mares of all the Arab horse bloodline.

In the painting, the five are seen running in front of a dust cloud formed by the herd prior to be re called."