Spring Exhibition 2014

April brings the introduction of a new artist to the T5 Gallery. We are pleased to be showing a number of stunning works by Paige Bradley, both in the gallery, and as part of our ongoing art programme with the T5 Sofitel hotel.


The gallery will be showing two sculptures from Paige's acclaimed 'Dancers' series and further pieces from her 'Couples' series and ‘Liberations’ series. All the works are linked through the use of a contrasting silver 'fabric' element, at once both binding and releasing the figures.


Sculptor Michael Turner will be showing two new works; a great white shark and an iguana. These works are impressive not for their size or dominance of the space they inhabit, but for the subtle ways in which the artist has captured the mannerisms of these creatures.


Painter Zil Hoque presents two works both sharing the Spanish title 'Velocidad', translating as 'velocity' or 'speed'. This is an apt title as both works succinctly capture a tremendous sense of speed and power. Both rider and horse appear to merge as one, enveloped in a stream of light.


Painter Will Rochfort is showing two new pieces from his ongoing and evolving series of works depicting cinema in the 50's, 60's and 70's. These works take in both the glamorous; flashbulbs exploding as the actress of the moment poses on the red carpet, and the everyday; a worker changes a bulb, a small mundane task but one performed with care and focus.