Spring Exhibition 2015

From March the gallery will present new works by sculptors Michael Turner and Michael Speller along with new paintings by Faye Nasser-Joley. The gallery will also be introducing works by sculptor Paul Vanstone, showing with the T5 Gallery for the first time.


Paul Vanstone is an established sculptor working with marbles, onyxes and alabasters sourced from around the world.

The forms he creates are modern yet classical, striking in their size and ambition yet full of subtle details. The choice of medium and the diversity of the regions in which it is sourced from imbues the work with a fascinating depth.


Faye Nasser-Joley presents two striking new works further developing her passion for the equine world.

'Acquilo' depicts a horse rising from a shroud magnificent in stature, while in 'Sienna' an almost luminous horse rears up defiantly, contrasting starkly with a jet black background.


Sculptor Michael Turner has worked his signature medium of steel in to a compact, yet powerful impression of a bull poised as if to charge. The angular base works impressively to mimic and accentuate the posture and muscular form of the animal.

As an artist Michael continues to push the boundaries of his chosen medium, producing highly refined and striking results.