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Sollai Cartwright

Intuitive Form

Online Exhibition: August 30th - September 27th 2021

Sollai Cartwright was born in 1988 in Victoria, Australia and went on to study marble carving at the home of marble, Pietrasanta in Italy. To this day, Sollai continues to return to Pietrasanta to collect marble for his sculptures and to maintain his connection to this storied place.

Sollai's work speaks of a deep set intuition, a connection to marble that goes beyond man and material. Each piece of marble is a unique thing a compression of time and a record of history beyond our comprehension. In the hands of a craftsman and artist such as Sollai, a transformation takes place and his inner vision of beauty and form is projected into the stone. With great skill, care and delicate touch, forms emerge that echo both nature and humanity reminding us both of the marvels of fauna and the simple human gestures that we take for granted.


Sollai's forms in marble and even in bronze achieve the impossibility of carrying the sensation of being both solid and ephemeral. Even with a simple form such as 'Portrait of a Bird', its wave like peaks appear drawn from the air around us and the languid lines of 'Woman Reclining' overlap and dance with a lightness of being.

"For me, Art is simply about partaking in Creation. And I feel that when I create with freedom I am adding goodness to the Universe"

Sollai lives and works in Berlin and has exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and London at Australia House. He has a major work in the Bei Wu Sculpture Park located in Wesenberg, Germany. He has further works in the late Neilma Gantner collection and works in private collections in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and the Netherlands.

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