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Nix is a sculptor who creates unique and captivating bronze artworks from her studio in Cambridgeshire.

Her stunning sculptures are mesmerising: the diaphanous appearance gives the sculpture an ethereal quality whilst maintaining the substance, grace and sense of movement of the animal. They capture her passion and reflect her love of animals and nature: the horses are shown galloping and rearing as they are in the wild, augmented by the beautiful blue-green patina she has chosen for them.

Nix has four horses, they are her inspiration and her life models. Her love of the environment extends to her workplace. Her studio is light and airy, with high ceilings and huge panels of glass. Lemon trees, figs and peaches along with her many animals, surround her and create an indoor oasis in which she immerses herself.


Nix trained at Byam Shaw, St Martin’s, and then worked with Esther Joseph, sculpting in stone. She was mentored by Anne Curry, from whom she developed her passion for working with clay.


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