New Year Exhibition 2014

With the start of a New Year comes dynamic and bold new work from a number of our artists.


South African sculptor Jill Berelowitz has created a sensuous double figure study, twisting upwards in a seamless undulating curve. Both figures, in highly polished bronze, have rich deep patination giving the artwork an almost marble like quality.


Michael Turner’s newest work is a creature rarely seen and possibly unfamiliar to most. The Angler fish is a deep sea predator, almost piranha-like in appearance, which uses a tube like extension on its head to lure small prey towards its jaws. Michael’s interpretation of this unique creature is rich in detail, from the individually cut scales to the working light dangling above the mouth.


Painter Zil Hoque is showing a vibrant triptych that depicts a group of riders leading a charge, shoulder to shoulder, hoof to hoof. The title of the piece, ‘Encuentro’, means ‘meeting’ in Spanish. The feeling gained from viewing the piece is that of a coming together of the elements, a meeting of minds and a test of wills.


After the success of her first sculpture to be shown with the T5 Gallery, Dublin born artist Marie Boyle is now showing a new work.Entitled ‘Cherish’ the work is inspired by the art of acrobatics and what can be achieved when two bodies and two minds meet. The extraordinary pose that the figures hold can only happen with an equal level of support and trust.