New Year Exhibition 2015

During January, February and March the gallery will be showcasing new works by sculptors Michael Turner, Jill Berelowitz and Lorne McKean, along with new paintings by Will Rochfort


For the New Year sculptor Andy Baerselman has created a striking Jaguar from resin coated Poplar wood. The piece projects a raw sense of power, speed and poise. It also presents strong contrasts between the industrial nature of the base and the refined finish of the cat.


Will Rochfort presents a number of new works exploring varying subject matter, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

'Winter Preview' and 'Destinations' present scenes of quiet determination, capturing those individuals behind the scenes or out of shot who carry out the banal but necessary tasks from day to day.

In sharp contrast, 'Paps' depicts a scintillating moment infused in equal parts with glamour and mystery.


Michael Turner makes a return to the subject matter first explored in his inaugural showing at the T5 Gallery.

The bald Eagle and birds of prey in general are a subject that lend themselves perfectly to Michael's material of choice, stainless steel. Birds of prey such as the bald Eagle are also known as raptors and are characterised by their keen vision and power.

The prominence of Michael's sculpture is intensified by the fully extended wings which provoke both a sense of awe and menace.


Lorne McKean presents two new works, 'The Racehorse' and 'Horse and Jockey'.

Both works display Lorne's unrivalled understanding of the equine form, and the attention to detail that she applies to every bronze that she produces.