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Shona Nunan - 'The Quiet

SN - The Quiet.jpg

'The Quiet'

Foundry bronze (Edition of 8)

Height – 127cms

Width – 115cms

Depth – 51cms


Shona Nunan's artworks resonate with a joyous freedom. They are both unbridled expressions of the strength of the female form and at the same time meticulously refined and highly crafted works that speak to decades of commitment to one's craft.

SN - The Quiet 2.jpeg
SN - The Quiet 4.jpeg

"For me, the horse and rider represent the journey of one’s life.  There are many plateaus along the way of life and I guess, that as I experience them, I create a new horse and rider. ‘The Quiet’ is a piece that comes from a time in life of peace, of meditation of being in tune with one’s inner being.  The rider and horse are at one, the horse is strong and sturdy and is trusted by the rider, the rider is at one with the horse and at one with life." 

SN - The Quiet 3.jpeg

Born in 1959, Shona lives and works between Tuscany and Provence. She is member of the Royal Sculpture Society and has exhibited extensively in Australia, Italy, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. She has artworks in the collections of Swire property group, BNP Paribus, Four Seasons hotels, Sydney University and the Al Muhaidib headquarters in Damman, Saudi Arabia.

quiet maqt Nunan.jpg

'The Quiet maquette'

Foundry bronze (Edition of 8)

Height – 53cms

Width – 35.5cms

Depth – 15cms


SN - The Quiet (small 1).jpeg
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