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Michael Speller - 'Harmony

harmony sunset-2S.jpg


Foundry bronze (Edition of 12)

Height - 220cms

Width - 208cms


Michael Speller's sculptures are defined by the human form.

They explore the complexities and contrasts innate within us all: dependence, independence, interaction, singularity, movement and stillness.

Yet, at the heart of each sculpture is an underlying sense of balance, honed by years of transforming ideas and thoughts into first clay forms, worked and re-worked, and then finally into bronze. 

harmony wide rolled bronze ring.jpg
Harmony landscape.jpg

Rolled bronze brings are a familiar presence across Michael's oeuvre, acting as both unique points of focus and platforms to support the figures. These rings provide both a visual and a literal balance, with single figures striving forward with purpose in a continuous cycle ('Long Run', 'Faster Higher Stronger') and with pairs and groups of figures occupying the summit of the rings their gaze fixed outward ('Full Circle, 'Nourish'). With 'Harmony', one of Michael's most impressive and ambitious works, two figures are suspended almost as one in the centre of a monumental ring.

harmony Geneva-1-7S.jpg
Notable public installations of Michael's work include: a sculpture outside the Thomas R. Kline School of Law in Philadelphia, USA, 'Momentum' for Mougins International School in France, a unique commission for the Millbank Tower in London and a large public commission for Greenwich Market in London.

“My work with the human form attempts to find a rhythm and balance in our lives, reflecting and realising our imperfections and then counterbalancing them with positivity and support in order to achieve a visual and spiritual equilibrium within ourselves and the world around us”

MS - Harmony (detail 2).jpg
MS - Harmony (detail 3).jpg
MS - Harmony (detail 1).jpg
MS - Harmony (detail 4).jpg
MS - Harmony (detail 5).jpg
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