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Michael-Francis Cartwright - 'Fishing over Uluru

MC - Fishing Over Uluru.jpg

'Fishing over Uluru'

Foundry bronze (Edition of 3)

Height – 256cms

Width – 194cms

Depth – 36cms


This sculpture is inspired from my ‘Fishing’ series. It comes from the boat sitting on the edge of the reef, just in balance between the enormous depths of the ocean and the shallows of the reefs. My other inspiration for this sculpture is the great outback of Australia and the stories and dreamings of the original people at their sacred site, Uluru.

I see this sculpture as representing a part of the great journey of life, the vehicle, the boat, traveling through the night sky, its great net collecting the dreams of the people on the land, treasures in the making.

uluru cartwright5.jpg
MC - Fishing Over Uluru (detail 2).jpg

Michael's sculptures carry echoes of figuration yet is not strictly tied to any strands of what the human figure is or should be. Instead, his work is linked to the expression of movement and the pursuit of notions of being and feeling. There is sense that each sculpture is a distillation of a moment, or a thought toward that moment, with pure organic forms coming together in poetic tandem.

uluru cartwright2.jpg
uluru cartwright6.jpg
MC - Fishing Over Uluru (detail 4).jpg

Michael has ateliers in Correns, France, in Ponte a Serraglio, Italy and in Blairgowrie, Australia.

Michael is member of the Royal Sculpture Society and has exhibited extensively in Australia, Italy, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany.

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