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Michael-Francis Cartwright - 'Moon Dance

MC - Moondance.jpg

'Moon Dance'

Foundry bronze (Edition of 3)

Height – 223cms

Width – 96cms

Depth – 31cms


Born in 1959, Michael-Francis Cartwright is an artist with a multifaceted practice and a wide ranging explorative approach. His sculptural works are expressed through harmonious layered forms that challenge our perceptions of what a sculpture can be and what it can tell us about the world we inhabit.

MC - Moondance (detail 3).jpg
MC - Moondance (detail 2).jpg

These works, ranging from the monumental to intimate in size, have an inherent feel of natures touch to them. Meaning the forms that Michael creates have the visual signs and tactility to suggest that they have been borrowed from the forests, mountains and seas around us. This sense of excavated natural form belies the craftsmanship and deep understanding of material quality that he possesses across marble and bronze.

MC - Moon Dance.JPG

Michael has ateliers in Correns, France, in Ponte a Serraglio, Italy and in Blairgowrie, Australia.

Michael is member of the Royal Sculpture Society and has exhibited extensively in Australia, Italy, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany.

'Moon Dance maquette'

Foundry bronze (Edition of 6)

Height – 102.5cms

Width – 44.5cms

Depth – 10.5cms


MC - Small Moon Dance 5.jpeg
MC - Small Moon Dance 4.jpeg
MC - Small Moon Dance 6.jpeg
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