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Holly Hickmore - 'Artemis

Holly 4.jpeg


Foundry bronze (Edition of 3)

Height – 300cms (excluding plinth)

Width – 320cms

Depth – 145cms


'Artemis' is a monumental creation by sculptor Holly Hickmore standing three metres tall and cast in foundry bronze at the renowned Morris Singer foundry. The title 'Artemis' is taken from ancient Greek mythology and is the name given to the goddess of the hunt, wild animals and child birth. 'Artemis' is also known as the goddess of the light of the moon and is sister to Apollo the sun god.

Holly 8.jpeg

Holly's equine busts appear almost as if they have been sketched in the air with each line and stroke overlapping, layering and weaving together to create forms that pulse with an underlying energy and vigour. Yet this energy is delicately contained and framed by a sense of grace and knowing, as if artist and subject are equally balanced, steadying the hand and the gaze of one another.

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