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Marie Boyle

Marie Boyle comes from Dublin, Ireland but has spent the last 24 years working in England. She came into sculpture late and although self-taught, she admits her apprenticeship with the late Dorothy Arthur, Artist and Sculptor, was invaluable to her. She works figuratively in clay and casts in both bronze and resin.


Marie has work in private collections in the UK as well as Ireland, USA, Dubai, Spain, Argentina, South Africa and Nigeria. In 2015 one of China’s largest investment companies purchased ‘To Truly Soar, One Must First Unfurl’.


“The ability to engage with the clay and draw from it, meaning and strength, is my endeavour.​ I get respite from the ability to express myself through the medium of clay and casting.​ Walking in ancient woods brings home to me how young we are and how magnificent life force is.​ There is a terrible beauty in aged wood which I want to incorporate in modelling.”​ - Marie Boyle


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