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Jill Berelowitz solo show 2023

The Art of Bronze

March 1st - April 30th 2023

WEb 9.jpg

Jill Berelowitz is an artist who embraces the sensuous, the organic, undulating lines and unbroken flow, the tactile nature and the magnetic presence of the sculptural form.

All of these traits and all of the complexity that they entail can only be achieved through the

age-old alchemical process of bronze casting.

It is through this deep relationship to a tradition that dates back to 3,500 BC that Jill is able to realise sculptures that reflect human nature, the interconnectedness of relationships and the beauty and strength of the female form. An understanding and respect for the multi-layered process is key. From the pouring of molten bronze to the chasing (whereby any seams or unrefined areas are smoothed and perfected) to the delicate process of adding colour and depth to the sculpture through patination, the artist is present at each stage and in constant dialogue with the artisans who bring an idea to life.

Therefore, casting in bronze is the collaborative application of many skilled hands to realise a single vision. 


Jill's show takes as its focus both her eclectic home and studio, lined wall to wall with her mesmerizing sculptures, and the foundry where processes range from the intense and the industrial to the intricate and minutely focused where details are honed to perfection.

It is this contrast in spaces and the revealing of a less understood process that combines to highlight the energy, workmanship and passion that goes into each of Jill's extraordinary sculptures.

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