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James Portsmouth

James Portsmouth is an award-winning steel artist who graduated from Herefordshire & Ludlow college of arts in 2013. He creates contemporary steel artworks and architectural ironwork using traditional blacksmithing techniques alongside a modern interpretation.

James works with galleries, architects, interior designers, finishers and many other industries to create unique and innovative steel artworks which have been sold to collectors internationally.

About 'Free Spirit':

“A fragmented representation of a horse head comprising of many hundreds of hand punched steel disks meticulously hand welded together. The piece is deliberately left unfinished to juxtapose fragmentary and finished product, in effect it allows the viewer to engage with the sculpture and use their own imagination to place the missing pieces together in their mind to complete the forms of the sculpture. “

About 'Undercurrent':

“This sculpture captures the dramatic and turbulent, yet elegant and graceful motions of a marlin propelling itself through the surface of the ocean.
Made entirely from hundreds of small punched steel disks and over 30 meters of steel ribbons. Every element of this piece from the marlin through to each individual steel disk, has been meticulously hand forged and welded until the desired effect was perfect.”



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