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Jacob Cartwright


Online Exhibition: September 27th - November 1st 2021

Jacob Cartwright was born in Australia and began studying music and musical composition from a young age. His multi-disciplinary practice involves sculpting with wood, marble and bronze, composition for film, dance and theatre along with his unique sound sculpture installations. Currently he works from his Tre Luci Art Studio in the historic centre of Pietrasanta, Italy.

Jacob speaks of seeking the moment, the sublime point of connection, where sculptor and the sculpted become one. Where the gradual shaping of a piece of marble or wood is no longer a process but an innate feeling, a series of gestures that flow from one another like a musical score unbreaking in their rhythm.

His sculptures resonate with an underlying energy, not of the forceful kind but a quiet hum that vibrates and ripples forming delicately textured surfaces and rich undulating curves that rise and fall. These are sculptures that unfold before us referencing nature, human form and universal gestures. A seed of perfect form, a dove at rest wings held close, the rise and fall of a breath and the intangibility of a singular moment.

Jacob has exhibited extensively including at Deem Gallery in Hong Kong, La Rondine Gallery in Italy and Hong Kong, Cartwright Nunan Atelier in Provence, Leonida Estate in Tuscany, Biennale di Soncino in Cremona, Barcelona SWAB art fair, Axes Collective in Brussels, La Polveriera in Pietrasanta and Australia House in London. His sound sculpture installations can be found at Bei Wu sculpture park in Germany.

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