Winter Exhibition 2013

The T5 Art Gallery Winter Exhibition 2013

Winter Exhibition 2013

The T5 Gallery is pleased to present our Winter Exhibition.

New works will be shown by sculptors Michael Speller, Michael Turner and Andy Baerselman. Also exhibiting for the first time will be painter Zil Hoque. Zil will be showing monumental oil on canvas triptych and the accompanying charcoal on paper studies.

Entitled 'Terpsichore', a lone flamenco dancer is captured in full flow at three distinct points in time. The sheer exuberance and energy with which the dancer spins and twists, her dress seemingly ready to envelop her at any point, are qualities present in all of Zil's works.

Zil's work echoes the passion and verve so integral to Spanish culture and its people. His paintings are arresting in their nature and notable for the use of searing reds, rich burnt browns and terrific flashes of yellow.