Rhythm | Balance | Flow 2013

Michael Speller and Sharon Drew's two person show at the T5 Art Gallery

Rhythm | Balance | Flow 2013

Rhythm - Balance - Flow ​

The Terminal 5 Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition featuring the work of sculptor Michael Speller and painter Sharon Drew.

Michael Speller

Michael’s latest show is very much a reflection of fifteen years of his search within sculpture to find a balance and harmony in the less than perfect world we all inhabit.
His work using the human form attempts to find rhythm in our lives whilst accepting our faults and frailties.

Balance, he believes, does not come from plumb lines and tape measures but rather from reflecting and realizing our imperfections and idiosyncrasies, counter balancing the very same with our positive attributes in order to achieve a visual and spiritual equilibrium in relation to the world around us.

Sharon Drew

Light, space, colour and process are continuing preoccupations in Sharon’s work and this series, Flow, reflects the development of a freer and more fluid way of working. The process involves building up thin coloured layers onto the surface of the canvas, manipulating diluted paint until ambiguous, organic forms begin to appear.

These paintings are modern-day Abstract Expressionism reinterpreted for the 21stCentury and Sharon cites influences such as American Artist De Kooning and St Ives School, British Painter, Patrick Heron. The St Ives connection is real for Sharon as, although a London-based artist, she regularly travels to the most western coast of Britain to paint outside in all weathers on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.