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Harvest Fund Management

Since 2013 the T5 Gallery has developed a strong relationship with one of China's largest investment management companies.

The Gallery and emerging artist Andy Baerselman worked closely with the client to realise a unique sculpture commission, intended to act as a physical representation of the values and culture of the company.


A short film was commissioned by the company demonstrating the process of making the sculpture, how it links to the values of the company along with insight from the artist and the Gallery.

Furthermore, the client commissioned two small scale versions of the initial sculpture which were promoted at the 2017 China Tennis Open in Beijing.

Most recently the company has used the original commission as the basis of a graphic identity which is now used for one of their financial funds.

'Alpha' by Andy Baerselman - 2017


The making of 'Alpha', a sculpture commission of a life-sized leaping wolf, by Andy Baerselman.

Andy explains the process behind 'Alpha' and his inspirations and passion for working with wood.

T5 Gallery Manager Alex Prior provides insight on the client - gallery - artist relationship and how 'Alpha' represents the values of the company that commissioned it.

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