Drew Whitemore

Drew Whitemore is a self-taught, UK based artist. Employing a wholly original technique, Whitemore’s artworks take shape over time through a highly intensive process.


Individual holes are hand drilled to try and capture the essence of a subject, backlighting is then used to, in a sense, breathe life in to the work. The interplay of light and the illusion of a still image constantly in flux lends each work an engaging and mesmerising quality.


“I am particularly inspired by nature and science, and the left-right brain balancing act which seems to me to be a fundamental part of our humanity. I sometimes use a deliberately planned or plotted approach, a grid or plan applied to the board which I can then expand along organic lines attempting to capture an idea of oneness and the explosion of life from that oneness.”


Drew has been sought after for various private and public commissions. This include multiple works for private yachts, a floor to ceiling piece for the Hotel Le Gray, Beirut, several large panels for a residential building in central Hong Kong and a striking piece for the Pan Peninsular building in Canary Wharf, London among others. 

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