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Drew Whitemore

Drew Whitemore is a self-taught, UK based artist. Employing a wholly original technique, Whitemore’s artworks take shape over time through a highly intensive process.


Individual holes are hand drilled to try and capture the essence of a subject, backlighting is then used to, in a sense, breathe life in to the work. The interplay of light and the illusion of a still image constantly in flux lends each work an engaging and mesmerising quality.


“I am particularly inspired by nature and science, and the left-right brain balancing act which seems to me to be a fundamental part of our humanity. I sometimes use a deliberately planned or plotted approach, a grid or plan applied to the board which I can then expand along organic lines attempting to capture an idea of oneness and the explosion of life from that oneness.”

– Drew Whitemore


Drew has been sought after for various private and public commissions. Images can be adapted from supplied client photographs/studies, or a concept can be created soley by the artist.


T5 Gallery

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