London | Heathrow

British Airways First Wing

Since early 2018, the T5 Gallery has been working in collaboration with British Airways to provide artworks for the newly opened BA First Wing check-in area.

The first work to be installed is a prominent 2.8 metre tall sculpture by Richard Thornton.

The sculpture was specifically chosen as a central focal point to welcome guests as they enter, evoking feelings of soaring into the open sky.

"As a sculptor my work comes from an observation of the simplicity and elegance of the natural world. In making, I explore the confluence of engineering and sculptural form. ‘Ascent’, embodies the physical act of ‘ascending’ but also reflects the fundamental grace and flow of the concept of flight." - R Thornton

The Gallery will build further on this by introducing works by different artists into the BA First lounges over the coming months.

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