Autumn Exhibition 2018

From September the gallery will be displaying new works by Danni Bradford, James Portsmouth, Michael Speller, Jeremy Houghton, Andy Baerselman and Michael Turner.

The High Performance Art Gallery is very pleased to introduce new artist James Portsmouth.

James is an award-winning steel artist who graduated from Herefordshire & Ludlow college of arts in 2013. He creates contemporary steel artworks and architectural ironwork using traditional blacksmithing techniques alongside modern technique.

James works with galleries, architects, interior designers, finishers and many other industries to create unique and innovative steel artworks which have been sold to collectors internationally.

James creates dynamic works that form an intricate balance between the subject and the negative space, informing how the viewer perceives and responds to the work.

Both sculptures on show are made entirely from hundreds of small punched steel disks, and in the case of the Marlin, over 30 meters of steel ribbons.