Autumn 2016 Exhibition

From September the gallery will be displaying new works by Nikki Taylor, Faye Nasser-Joley, Will Rochfort and Michael Turner.


Will Rochfort continues his interest in imagery depicting the atmosphere of the casino and the individuals who try their luck at the tables. The painting is closely cropped to give a sense of heightened tension, each person observing the other with chips held tightly and focus maintained.

Nikki Taylor will be showing a pair of complimentary torso reliefs depicting the front and back of a female nude. The delicate curves and lines of the female form contrast beautifully with strong graphic shadows.


Michael Turner's newest creation is a perfectly poised but typically languid iguana. The long tail is mirrored by the upward sweeping base allowing the creature to occupy almost the entire length.

Faye Nasser-Joley continues her study of big cats with 'Noora', a highly detailed depiction with an intense, almost mesmerising, focus on the animal's gaze.