Autumn Exhibition 2014

During September, October and November the gallery will be presenting a number of new works. We are also pleased to be showing a series of works by painter Charles Willmott, exhibiting for the first time at T5.

As painter, Charles Willmott confesses to having a “near obsession with dance, particularly the ballet”. He has worked with many greats of the classical world;  Darcey Bussell, Miyako Yoshida, Monica Zamora, Kevin O'Hare, Catherine Batcheller and Joe Cipolla.

His series of new works are based on a rehearsal by the Russian State Ballet of the world famous ‘Swan Lake’. Charles was privileged to attend dress rehearsals and a performance at the famous Malvern Theatres during the Company’s UK tour of 2012 enabling him to observe and prepare reference material from which this unique collection of works was made.


Andy Baerselman will be showing his second sculpture with the gallery in the form of a carved wooden sting ray. As with Andy’s previous work, this piece is highly crafted, presenting a sculptural form that perfectly represents the fluid form of a ray. The wood body is layered with a transparent resin which lends the work depth and an intense iridescence.


Will Rochfort presents a serene yet quietly evocative portrait of a lone female draped in fabric. The contours of the shoulders and the loosely tied hair 


Michael Turner continues to push his practice in to ever more interesting areas. When first starting out as a sculpture many years ago, Michael's initial subject was that of insects such as spiders, beetles and dragonflies. So Michael's latest sculpture of a wasp is a knowing nod to his beginnings as an artist, but on a far grander and technically brilliant scale. Along with the height of the piece, Michael has introduced a new element in the form of translucent resin wings that capture the light in a spectacular fashion.