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Andy Baerselman

Andy Baerselman has a passion for wood which is matched by his love of the natural world.

A background in engineering has also figured greatly in the way he transforms wood in to sculpture, with the relationships between science and nature becoming central to his work.


Andy's 'Manta Ray' is highly ambitious and impressive, both for the technique and materials employed and for the space it inhabits between the representational and the pure abstract form.

He has captured the ray ‘in flight’, positioned as if gliding through its underwater habitat, fins gracefully curved and mouth opened wide.

The deep blue layered finish creates a fantastic play of light allowing for the grain underneath to show through when viewed from certain angles. 


Andy has worked on a number of private commissions, along with producing work for the National Trust. Numerous pieces have been placed on Superyachts by Award Winning Mark Berryman Yacht Design.

Sculptures by Andy have been shipped to countries across Europe, North America and Asia including a large commission  at a major financial institution in Beijing, China.



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