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Andrea C Morley

chevaux sauvages 43º22'32"n 4º48'37"e

Online Exhibition: March 15th - April 12th 2021

The High Performance Art Gallery is very pleased to present our second online only exhibition with new Gallery artist Andrea C Morley.

Traversing genre, a juxtaposition of abstract description and poetic metaphor, the notion of the optical unconscious and the magic of Chance are dominant within Andrea’s photographic practice.
Working across analogue and digital, ’impermanence’ is a consistent theme throughout her work.

Andrea has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London, at the Photo London art fair and the renowned Les Rencontres d’Arles photography festival in France among others.

chevaux sauvages translates as 'Wild Horses' which is a fitting description for the Camargue horses of Southern France, both for what they actually are and the images that this description conjures in the imagination of this wild yet graceful breed freely roaming the open plains and wetlands. As one of the oldest horse breeds in the world they are revered among equine enthusiasts and their rugged beauty admired by young and old alike. 


Andrea has captured these magnificent creatures in a state of flux, almost as if they exist in a space somewhere between ours and the natural world. They appear elevated from any worldly constraints both ghost like and solid as if carved from the finest stone. The images are abstracted by the clouds of dust raised from hooves meeting the earth yet we can see the strength and power clearly in the broad necks and hind legs. Through Andrea's photography we are witness to rare moments of nature uninhibited and free.

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