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Alex Prior

Alex Prior is a self taught London based photographer whose work is influenced by travel and the transient moment.


"My work explores reoccurring themes of memory, the ephemeral, loss and transience both through the subject matter I approach and the materials I incorporate.
I strive to create work that encourages the viewer to pause and look closer, to draw in and reveal the overlooked and the unseen.

I look to amplify the subtle signifiers and traces embedded within locations and present these to the viewer. Layering and repetition are employed as a means to evoke dormant memories and these are often fractured glances of a fleeting moment. Experiments, and occasionally accidents, form an important part of how the work develops, various materials, techniques and processes are often combined to allow for unexpected results and the forming of new directions.

The juxtaposition and combination of analogue and digital methods allows for both an element of control and a certain open-ended nature to the outcome."


Alex has participated in group shows in the UK and shown twice at the Pingyao International Photography Festival, China's premier photography festival.

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