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2019 Exhibitions

Winter Exhibition 2019

horse head stainless.jpg

From December the Gallery will be displaying new works by Michael Turner, Andy Baerselman, Oliver Hellowell & Mark Beaumont.

Andy Baerselman continues to push the boundaries of working in wood.

His latest creation is a Springbok, delicately poised as if about to take flight. Andy has used the natural grain of the wood to inform and determine the lines of the subject with only minimal colouring employed to highlight the hooves and horns.

Andy has a passion for wood which is matched by his love of the natural world.

A background in engineering has also figured greatly in the way he transforms wood in to sculpture, with the relationships between science and nature becoming central to his work.

Autumn Exhibition 2019

MO - Exploration.jpg

From September the Gallery will be displaying new works by James Portsmouth, Danni Bradford, Michael Speller, Michael Turner, Zil Hoque, Nikki Taylor and William Rochfort.

New artist, Polish photographer Marek Emczek Olszewski will be showcasing his work for the first time at T5.

In his work, Marek is attracted to non-obviousness, light and shadow play, movement, reflection, geometry and extreme minimalism. This is presented in striking works that challenge notions of perception, asking the viewer to look closer and allow themselves to be drawn into the abstract expanses.

Marek’s photographs can be found in private collections in the UK, Europe and USA.

Summer Exhibition 2019

DB - Parakeets (detail).jpg

From June the Gallery will be displaying new works by Zil Hoque, Nix, Danni Bradford, Jill Berelowitz,

Jo Vane, William Rochfort and Michael Turner.

Zil Hoque presents a new series of equine works but with the inclusion of the human form which is usually absent from his work.

Zil’s ‘Primary Red, Yellow & Blue’ are both a powerful depiction and a celebration of the distinguished sport of horse racing.

The jockeys, at one with their horses, appear to dissipate with the surge of forward motion leaving behind a trail of colour.

Spring Exhibition 2019

ZH - Torrent II.jpg

From March the Gallery will be displaying new works by Zil Hoque, Nix, Michael Turner, Andy Baerselman and Michael Speller.

The High Performance Art Gallery is very pleased to introduce new artist Nix.

Painter Zil Hoque continues to explore his two main subjects, horses and bulls, in exquisite depth and detail. 


Light & Sheen' depicts a group of horses moving across a landscape with the muted background palette allowing for the full lustre of the subjects to take centre stage.

'Torrent II' is a riotous expression of controlled power with a trio of bulls confronting the viewer head on. The expressionist explosion behind the subject contrasts with the finesse of each defined muscle and curvature of form.

New Year Exhibition 2019

ZH - Splash III.jpg

From December the gallery will be displaying new works by William Rochfort, Zil Hoque, Nix, Jeremy Houghton and Michael Turner.

The High Performance Art Gallery is very pleased to introduce new artist Nix.

Nix is a sculptor who creates unique and captivating bronze artworks from her studio in Cambridgeshire.

Her sculptures are mesmerising: the diaphanous appearance gives the sculpture an ethereal quality whilst maintaining the substance, grace and sense of movement of the animal.

They capture her passion and reflect her love of animals and nature: the horses are shown galloping and rearing as they are in the wild, augmented by the beautiful blue-green patina she has chosen for them.

Her four horses, are her inspiration and her life models.

Nix trained at Byam Shaw, St Martin’s, and then worked with Esther Joseph, sculpting in stone.
She was mentored by Anne Curry, from whom she developed her passion for working with clay.

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