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2013 Exhibitions

Autumn/Winter Exhibition 2013

The T5 Gallery is pleased to present our Winter Exhibition.
New works will be shown by sculptors Michael Speller, Michael Turner and Andy Baerselman. Also exhibiting for the first time will be  painter Zil Hoque. Zil will be showing monumental oil on canvas triptych and the accompanying charcoal on paper studies.
Entitled 'Terpsichore', a lone flamenco dancer is captured in full flow at three distinct points in time. The sheer exuberance and energy with which the dancer spins and twists, her dress seemingly ready to envelop her at any point, are qualities present in all of Zil's works.
Zil's work echoes the passion and verve so integral to Spanish culture and its people. His paintings are arresting in their nature and notable for the use of searing reds, rich burnt browns and terrific flashes of yellow.

Summer Exhibition 2013

The T5 Gallery is pleased to present our Summer Exhibition.
New works will be shown by painter Will Rochfort and sculptors Michael Turner and Michael Speller.


Showing for the first time with the T5 Gallery is innovative sculptor Drew Whitemore.
Employing a wholly original and self-taught technique, Whitemore’s artworks take shape over time
through a highly intensive process.
Individual holes of varying size and angle are drilled in to panels to form images which are then
illuminated from behind to act as a light-box. The interplay of light and the illusion of a
still image constantly in flux lends each work an engaging and mesmerising quality.

Rhythm | Balance | Flow 2013

Rhythm - Balance - Flow 


The Terminal 5 Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition featuring the work of sculptor Michael Speller and painter Sharon Drew.
Michael Speller
Michael’s latest show is very much a reflection of fifteen years of his search within sculpture to find a balance and harmony in the less than perfect world we all inhabit. 
His work using the human form attempts to find rhythm in our lives whilst accepting our faults and frailties.
Balance, he believes, does not come from plumb lines and tape measures but rather from reflecting and realizing our imperfections and idiosyncrasies, counter balancing the very same with our positive attributes in order to achieve a visual and spiritual equilibrium in relation to the world around us.
Sharon Drew
Light, space, colour and process are continuing preoccupations in Sharon’s work and this series, Flow, reflects the development of a freer and more fluid way of working. The process involves building up thin coloured layers onto the surface of the canvas, manipulating diluted paint until ambiguous, organic forms begin to appear.
These paintings are modern-day Abstract Expressionism reinterpreted for the 21stCentury and Sharon cites influences such as American Artist De Kooning and St Ives School, British Painter, Patrick Heron. The St Ives connection is real for Sharon as, although a London-based artist, she regularly travels to the most western coast of Britain to paint outside in all weathers on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Equine & Polo Exhibition 2013

Equine and Polo exhibition


The T5 Gallery is pleased to introduce our Polo Exhibition, featuring renowned equestrian sculptor and gallery artist in residence Lorne McKean and talented international equine painter Faye Nasser-Joley.

This special exhibition will include a Royal centre piece, the original artist’s copy of the sculpture of HRH Prince Philip playing Polo by Lorne McKean.

The exhibition will be on display in the T5 Gallery in Heathrow Airport until 26th June 2013.



Lorne McKean


Along with a number of bronze editions by Lorne, the gallery will be displaying the original artist’s copy of the 1/2 life-size bronze of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, the bronze of which is situated outside Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park.


Lorne will be present at the gallery for 10:30am until 1pm every Monday and Friday for the duration of the exhibition. During this time she will be working on the wax modelling stage of a new Arabian stallion sculpture. Visitors will be able to engage with Lorne as she performs a process rarely seen outside of the artist’s studio.



Faye Nasser-Joley


Following on from her hugely successful debut solo show with the gallery last year, Faye will be presenting a number of large scale equine paintings, including her first polo based canvas. Her work is notable for its scale and ambition, but also for the rich tones and attention to detail that allow for the character, and individual nuances, of each subject to shine through.


She has work in collections in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Her portraiture, whether human or equine, intimately captures the essence of the individual.Faye has secured a number of high profile commissions, such as a portrait for Stirling Moss OBE and Ade Adepitan MBE.

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